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Wireless Alarms and the Issue of Jamming
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Q. What are the differences between the G5 and G3 alarm

A. Both the G5 and the G3 use GSM mobile phone technology to control them. They can both be controlled via a downloadable App (available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store). The G5 alarm includes additional functionality over the G3: a touch sensitive keypad on the control panel which allows for a user entry code to Arm and Disarm the system, one swipe disarming using RFID tags, voice memo and two-way communication.

Q. I am having problems with the G5 App what do I do?
A. Some of our customers maybe experiencing issues with the G5 app. To resolve this, please uninstall your App and Install the latest version by clicking on the relevant platform for your device: Android or iOS. If you have been affected by this issue, don't forgot you can still control your G5 or G3 alarm system by sending an SMS text command to the alarm as below:

System Commands Menu:Store Numbers Menu:System Set-up Menu:
‘0’    Disarm‘??’   Store phone and SMS No.‘???’  System Set-ups
‘1’    Arm‘5’    Store Alarm Phone No.’91-99’ Zone Name
‘2’    Home Mode‘6’    Store Alarm SMS No.‘10’   RFID Tags SMS Notice
‘3’    Two-way Talk‘7’    Store SMS No. for RFID Tags‘11’   Entry and Exit Delay Time
‘4’    Call-back Voice Memo‘8’    Store Speed Dial Phone No.‘12’   Siren Volume and Ringing Time
‘00’  Settings Enquiry ‘13’   Disarm Password
  ‘14’   Single Zone Delay Time

Q. Can I increase the volume of the G3 alarm system?
A. The internal siren has four volume settings: (0) Mute, (1) Low, (2) Medium, (3) High.
The factory default setting is (2) Medium. Setting the siren volume level and duration is one of the 6 settings that need to be set up on installation, and during this set up  the text sent from the panel to your mobile tells you what level the siren is presently set at. (Please refer to the Manual for these settings).

Q. Will the RFID tags send me a notification when they are used?
A. Yes, when used with the G5 alarm. When an RFID tag is used to disarm the alarm, the control panel will send an SMS notification to the SMS number programmed to the control panel. Up to four RFID tags can be programmed with a user name notifying you who have disarmed your alarm. E.g. Kids come home from school.

Q. What type of SIM card do I need for the G5 and G3 alarm systems?
A. Any regular SIM card (not 4G or micro SIM) and on most UK networks* will work with the G5 and G3 alarms. You can either use Pay As You Go or a contract SIM, but please ensure you top up your SIM card if you use the PAYG option. For further information on SIM cards for the G5 or G3 alarms, please click on the alarm links.
* The Three (3) network is not compatible with the G5 and G3.

Q. Why does there appear to be no power on the control panel?
A. Please make sure the power adapter supplied with the alarm is plugged in to a wall socket and turned on. Check to see if the power cable is connected to the jack socket in the control panel. Check to see if the On switch is turned to the On position.

Q. Do the alarms include an external Siren?
A. The standard alarm systems do not include an external siren. An internal sounder is built into each system's control unit. miGuard alarm systems can quickly and easily be expanded to include an External Solar Siren and other accessories, to meet the most demanding of security needs. miGuard Alarm Systems these can be purchased from the miGuard Accessory Range.

Q. How many accessories can be added to the alarm systems?
A. Each miGuard alarm system can accept up to 50 wireless sensors (I.e. PIR’s, Magnetic Door/Window detectors and Sirens) and up to 10 wireless remote control key fobs. The G5 and A11 alarm systems can also have up to 50 RFID tags added to the alarm.

Q. How do I reset the G5 alarm system?
A. To reset the G5 alarm to factory settings, please follow these steps:
1. Power down the control panel.
2. Set the ON/OFF switch to OFF.
3. Remove the SIM card.
4 Re-power the control panel.
5. Set the ON/OFF switch to ON.
6. Press the tamper switch at the back of the panel 5 times leaving a gap of 1 second between each press. After 4 seconds the control panel will emit 2 short beeps confirming that the reset was successful.

Q. Are the PIR sensors Pet tolerant?
A. The MGP900 PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensors are not Pet Tolerant.

Q. Will there be any other accessories available for the miGuard range?
A. Yes, a number of different accessories are soon to be available. These include a Smoke Detector, PIR camera alarm, IR Beam, Glass Break Detector, Flood Detector, Range Extender and Vibration Alerts

Q. What will happen if I arm the system with a Door/Window Detector open?
A. If you arm the system with a detector open, the system will arm. Once the detector is closed and then opened, it will trigger the alarm system.

Q. Are the accessories that come with an alarm pre-programmed to the control panel?
A. Yes, the accessories in each standard alarm kit (G5, G3, A8, A9 and A11) are pre-programmed, so they will work straight out of the box. Any additional accessories purchased including the external Solar Siren Kits (MGG5-A1R, MGG3-A1R, MGA8-A1R, MGA9-A1R and MGA11-A1R) will need to be learnt to the control panel in order to work with your alarm.

Q. Can anyone with a mobile phone use the G5 or G3 alarm systems?
A. No, only the phones that are registered to the panel will be answered by the panel, phones not recognised by the panel will not be answered and will be disconnected within a few seconds.

Q. Why am I not receiving the confirmation SMS on the G5 or G3 alarm systems?
A. The control panel may be located in an area of poor Mobile reception. You will need to move the control panel to a closer to an outside wall or window to improve the mobile signal reception.

Q. Why am I not receiving a confirmation SMS on my Mobile Phone from the G5 alarm system?
A. When you set up the miGuard G5 app with your mobile phone number in the notifications screen, please make sure the tick boxes for SMS and Phone (optional) are ticked. For an example of this, please click here.

Q. Can I send a test SMS on the G5 and G3 alarm systems?
A. By pressing the SOS button on the G5 control panel, by Keyfob, or sending an "SOS" text message to the control panel, this will send an emergency SMS to your mobile phone. Make sure you Disarm the alarm system.

An example home layout for the miGuard G5 system.