Which Alarm

Our range of wireless alarm systems (Step 1) are completely stand-alone, wireless and easy to self-install.  

Each system can be extended at any time to cover even the most demanding of security needs, simply select any of the accessories Step 2 and/or Step 3.

If you're not sure which alarm system is best suited to your lifestyle needs simply contact our Customer Support experts, who will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to enable you to select a configuration based on your unique home security requirements.

ERA miGuard Step by Step guide on Alarms

The ERA miGuard Alarms range includes:
Traditional Alarms - Easy to install Siren Alarms
Keypad Alarms - Easy to control systems with Keypad Control Panels
Multi User Alarms - Ideal for families
Telephone Auto-Dialler Alarms - Communicates via your existing landline to notify you of an Intruder
Smart Alarms - Controlled via App, with notifications using WiFi or GSM / SMS Text messages

ERA miGuard A1R Wireless Solar Siren Alarm
A1R Alarm
The miGuard A1R Solar Siren Kit is a completely Wireless Alarm that includes a Solar Charged Siren, a Wireless Pet Friendly Passive Infra-Red PIR Motion Sensor, a Magnetic Door/Window Sensor and a Remote Control Keyfob to Arm and Disarm the Alarm. The Remote also has an SOS button to alert the Siren to sound in an emergency. The Sensors will alert the Siren to sound if the contact on a door is opened, or if the PIR picks up body heat movement.

ERA miGuard A105 Wireless Apartment / Starter Alarm
A105 Wireless Apartment Alarm
The ERA miGuard A105 is perfect for smaller properties such as flats, apartments, single rooms and student accommodation. It's also ideal for protecting outbuildings such as garden offices, garages and workshops where mains power is available. The handy Remote Control Keyfob is used for system control, including: Arm, Disarm, Part-arm and SOS emergency. When activated the control unit strobe light flashes and the 90dB Siren sounds, alerting you of intrusion into the protected area and deterring the intruder. The A105 includes: a simple Plug-in Control Unit, 2 handy Remote Controls, a Pet Friendly PIR Motion Sensor and a Door/Window Sensor.